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tabletki na powiększenie biustu


Breast enlarging tablets

Your breast get 1 size bigger after 9 weeks!

just like a natural bra.

it supports the natural process of colagen synthesis in your skin.


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tabletki na powiększanie biustu

PERFECT BUST – Intensive therapy, firmer bust

Active plant compounds contained in PERFECT BUST

  • Support the process of lipid accumulation in adipocytes
  • Have positive influence on skin elasticity and tension
  • Support processes of collagen synthesis in the skin, which helps with preventing processes of limping
  • Thanks to naturally occurring antioxidants increase defence against free radicals responsible for aging processes
  • Deeply nourish and strengthen breast skin
  • Intensely hydrate
  • Make the epithelium firmer and more smooth

Breast enlargement without surgery!

If you are not satisfied with your natural shapes, then you have surely thought at some point about a potential plastic surgery. A lot is being spoken about it in press and television, however, nobody mentions consequences of this particular method of bust enlargement. As any surgical operation it leaves scars and the effect often is not permanent.

After some time the silicon pads have to be replaced with new ones, thus when deciding for a surgery, you have to take into account the fact that this will not be the last expensive surgery in your life. In addition, from time to time one hears that components used in breast enlargement surgeries are not safe. They bear the risk of breast cancer or other complications.

After the breast enlargement surgery, many women report related complications (such as: teat inflammation, scars which do not heal, silicon bag rupture, after-surgery complications). Instead of risking, it is worth trying alternative methods which may yield definitely better and more permanent effects.

Advanced PERFECT BUST therapy

Thanks to development of knowledge about functioning of our bodies and many years of scientific research, the solution of many female problems is now at hand.

Active plant compounds contained in PERFECT BUST::

  • Lower the tendency of the bust to sag by maintaining appropriate ratio of gland tissue to fatty tissue in the body
  • Hydrate and make skin more flexible, cause the skin to be appropriately tense on the whole bodily surface, maintaining appropriate amount and crosslinking of elastine fibres
  • Nourish, regenerate and protect all skin layers, also these, where no crèmes ever penetrate
  • Delay the skin aging process, creation of wrinkles and pigmentations
  • Soothe acnes, eczemas and skin imperfections
  • Support toxin elimination from the body, thanks to large contents of plant antioxidants
  • Stimulate microcirculation in skin cells, thus improving its look and resulting in a lighting effect
  • Provide an energy boost, relieve of the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion
  • Increase libido and improve intensity of sexual stimuli

Unique formula of PERFECT BUST

The secret of PERFECT BUST is its formulation, worked out in tiniest details. Its components are natural ingredients with body-supporting properties. This preparation is a diet supplement, which enriches your everyday diet with ingredients with positive influence on improvement of the looks of your bust. Check the composition in order to get to know the full list of ingredients.

tabletki do powiekszania piersi

Full therapy PERFECT BUST (tablets+gel)

In order to achieve the best and most permanent effects, we recommend using the PERFECT BUST diet supplement together with a firming and bust tending gel PERFECT BUST+ Gel.
Our customers confirm the optimum effect of combining both preparations. You will feel the first effects incredibly quickly.

Restored youth and great shape

PERFECT BUST not only stimulates your body for excreting hormones, but also takes care for maintaining it in good shape. Using it, you will not only achieve beautiful breasts you dream about, but you will also improve your physical condition, because ingredients of PERFECT BUST (e. g. fibre) have positive influence on metabolism general functioning of your body. You will feel more beautiful and a few years younger!

Weight loss and beautiful neckline

Quick weight loss is a dream of so many of us. However, its effects may also surprise us rather negatively. After an intensive weight loss therapy, bust is the body part to lose its beauty the fastest.

When we gain weight, because of deposition of the fatty tissue the skin expands, and because of the increased weight the breasts are pulling down. If we suddenly get rid of fatty tissue, the skin does not miraculously get two sizes smaller. The breasts simply fall down, flatten, become more saggy and flat. Sometimes stretch marks appear, which are difficult to remove despite advances in cosmetics technology.

Thus a proper supplementation is necessary during weight loss period, one which will prevent adverse changes to the look of your breasts.

Effective formula of Perfect Bust will let you lose weight without unpleasant consequences.

Plant-based support of hormonal cycle with PERFECT BUST

If you have got small breasts, it may mean that during the adolescence your body did not produce large amounts of female hormone - estrogen, responsible for size, filling and shape of the bust. Low levels of this hormone may result in smaller shapes of the bust, and thus less exposed.

The PERFECT BUST preparation contains plant phytoestrogens, the task of which is stimulating the body for production of hormones, responsible for bust size. Thanks to PERFECT BUST you may feel the results – both you and your partner! You will feel more beautiful and more confident in your body.

Contents: 90 tablets
Total net weight: 76 g.

Application: 3 tablets daily, drinking water. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. PERFECT BUST is a herbal product, diet supplement and may not be used as a substitute of a balanced diet. PERFECT BUST is a consumable product. A consultation with a doctor is suggested before making decision about taking the preparation. It does not prevent disease nor is a cure for them. A diet supplement may not be used as a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle substitute.

Storage: Store in dry and cool place, outside reach of children.

Possible side effects: PERFECT BUST is a guarantee of a natural and high quality action. If you value safety and efficiency, select PERFECT BUST. Do not use the diet supplement in case of oversensitivity to any of the ingredients, in individuals below 18 years of age, as well as in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in case of diabetes and liver disorders. Possible adverse reactions upon overdose: allergic reactions on skin, in particular photodermatosis (oversensitivity to sunlight), diarrhoea, nausea, colic, obstructions, more intense menstruations.