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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Below we have gathered answers to questions which you ask our consultants.

1. What is the action of Perfect Bust?

Cutting a long story short, it regulates the internal economy and hormonal potential in a female body. You can get to know more in the action tab.

2. Is the diet supplement Perfect Bust and gel Perfect Bust+ natural products?

Both tablets and gel Perfect Bust are fully natural. They have certificates confirming their legality on the territory of Poland and Europe. The main ingredients of both products are cultivated ecologically herbs.

3. How to take the diet supplement Perfect Bust?

One capsule up to 3 times a day, drinking large amounts of water.

4. How to use the Perfect Bust + gel?

Perfect Bust + Gel gives the best and most permanent effects when used 2 times a day. Massage the breasts with fingertips, starting from the base of the breasts. Massage the gel until complete absorption.

5. Does using the Perfect Bust diet supplement cause any side effects?

If the product is used according to the instruction, no side effects should occur. The only contradiction fur using Perfect Bust diet supplement is allergy to any of the ingredients of the preparation. Please get acknowledged with the full list of ingredients.

6. What are the visible effects of using the Perfect Bust diet supplement?

The effects are similar to those observed in puberty, when the woman begins to grow up, her breasts start growing, but she may also experience more intense mood elevation and irritation than usually. These effects may be noted in the 3rd-4th week of the therapy. Some of the ladies go through the therapy much more smoothly, experiencing only the feeling of bust fullness.

7. Can all women take Perfect Bust?

The only contradictions exist for women during pregnancy, puberty and hospitalisation.

8. Is using Perfect Bust safe?

No side effects after taking the preparation have been noted in healthy women. Ingredients of the preparation have been used for a long time in hormonal therapies and herbalism.

9. Can I take the diet supplement together with contraceptives?

Yes. Perfect Bust has no effect on the effectiveness of contraceptives.

10. Will I gain weight while taking Perfect Bust?

No. Perfect Bust not only does not cause weight gain or water retention in the body, but thanks to the beneficial properties it supports the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, having positive effects on the metabolism.

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